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Life Zone Coaching and Consulting is recognized as a leader in providing individuals with knowledge and support to achieve goals of success in life, health and business.

GET CERTIFIED as a COACH PRACTITIONER - January 27 & 28, 2018

Interested in building a successful life coach or business coach practice?

For the first time in Sudbury, Certified Coaches Federation is pleased to bring you the two day intensive training program.


At Life Zone we offer a variety of services to help reach your goals, from health, to personal to professional.


Learn how food can make you sick or well. Disease means the body is not functioning normally. What we put in out body determines if we are well or become ill. We offer education on the how’s and why’s, dietary programming and follow up accountability. Taking care of your health the natural way, support weight loss, disease reduction and prevention.


Assisting individuals to get “unstuck” by creating lasting changes in negative thinking patterns and issues that create stress and challenges in one’s life. Goal setting, career changes, workplace balance programming, time management and success strategies, learning strategies, and emotion management.


Supporting teams to achieve successes in areas of communication, program planning, determining values, project planning, creating and implement vision, objectives, priority, actions and strategies and individual personal growth.


Karen engages her audience to focus on personal goal setting, barriers that hold one back from success, finding personal purpose and vision, business challenges and success strategies, management issues, executive and team development, and teen successes. Karen loves to support personal growth in all she comes in contact through her knowledge in mental mastery and physical and emotional well being, helping people to be the best they can be. She is engaging and passionate to support persona growth and success in others.


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